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IT Executives 

Are Creating Passive Income From Tax Dollars 

A few people are buying a few shares and random property investments. And losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on taxes doing it the wrong way. Find out the intelligent way now


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Our Product: The Tax Wealth Sequencing Method aims to guide IT Executives towards financial independence by creating over $100K in passive income within 15 years, whilst minimizing risks.
There are two passive income strategies: one for those under 60 and another for over 60, each with unique asset management and tax implications. For instance, a 35-year-old may seek earlier benefits, while a 55-year-old could use superannuation for tax advantages, paying off debts at 60 where tax savings surpass interest costs.

    Our approach isn’t just a quick-fix ‘magic tax’ solution for instant wealth. While we can identify such opportunities 95% of the time and excel in doing so, our real focus lies in the strategic allocation of limited resources against a backdrop of endless possibilities. We consider the most effective assets, structures, and tax strategies at every stage of your wealth journey to optimize your passive income.

      The new way of creating passive income

      Some ways have less risk and take less time now:
        • Build a portfolio structure.
        • Cut current and future taxes.
        • Use varied strategies for lifelong assets.
        • Match loans with income plans.
        • Balance taxes, dividends, and growth
        • Use dollar-cost averaging with borrowed funds.
        • Set up a life and wealth plan.
        • Focus on income-generating investments.
        • Plan for early retirement with passive income.
        • Find the right mix between life enjoyment and wealth accumulation.

       As you can probably guess..

      The ONLY way that is even possible is because of large government initiatives that cost big dollars. So, treasury needs the whole population behind it and offer quite a few tax incentives for people that invest in those low risk government projects. 

      Most don’t realise this..

      No matter what you have tried on your own. Or you have tried with your accountant. That you will still end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars too much in taxes. And you will also end up missing out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in passive income a few years from now. We didn’t think so at first either. Now that we have seen hundreds (And we guess thousands) that are exactly missing out just like that. The percentage of “victims” is so high, that it is easy to guess that thousands more are in the same leaky and doomed boats. 

      If you suspect you are missing out:

      This Is Why People Using Our Services!

      Financial Freedom: Passive income helps you make money without having to work all the time. This means you can pay for your living costs without sticking to a regular job.


      More Free Time: With passive income, you get to decide how you spend your day. You can travel, enjoy hobbies, or hang out with family and friends without worrying about work.

      Retire Sooner: It can help you stop working and retire early. With enough money coming in regularly without working, you can enjoy life more and work less.

      Build Wealth: Passive income can grow your money over time, especially if you reinvest it. This helps you reach your money goals, like buying a house or saving for the future, faster.

      Less Stress and More Stability: Having money come in regularly without extra work can make you feel less worried about losing your job or not having enough money. This steady income makes it easier to plan for the future and gives you peace of mind.

      Economic and Personal Safety Net: When the economy isn’t doing well, having money from different places can protect you and your family if you lose your job or face money problems. It’s like having a backup plan that keeps you safe during tough times.

      “In very little time, Darren was able to provide me with advice tailored to my business.”

      Adrian Willenberg

      “Our first ROI was about 300% & we are working on improving that. Very excited about where everything is headed. Making money.”

      Michael Stibbard

      “His advice is fresh and rather unusual and I continue to incorporate it in my day to day life and business.

      I have not seen anything like his material before and I will keenly follow his ongoing guidance.”

      Paul Graham

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      Our powerful financial strategies help people overcome the following too, if they are an issue for you:

      *Lack of Knowledge: Many people simply don’t know where to start when it comes to financial planning. They may not understand how to budget, save, or invest, making the process seem overwhelming. 

      Procrastination: Some individuals keep postponing financial planning for “later,” thinking it’s not immediately necessary. This delay often results from a misconception that financial organization is a time-consuming task that can always be started tomorrow.

      Affordability of advice: Many people think only “the rich” can afford to get the right advice for them. If you are making a combined income of $150k/year you can likely afford and benefit from solid financial strategies.

        Fear of Facing Reality: Organizing finances can reveal uncomfortable truths about overspending, under-saving, or being in debt. Some people avoid managing their finances to evade facing these realities.


        Perceived Complexity: The world of finance can appear complex and intimidating, with its myriad of investment options, financial products, and jargon. This perception can deter people from taking the first step.

        Emotional Stress: Money can be a source of significant stress and anxiety. For some, the thought of closely examining their financial situation is too emotionally taxing, so they avoid it altogether.

        Cultural and Educational Factors: In some cases, the lack of financial literacy education or cultural attitudes towards money management can influence an individual’s propensity to organize their finances.

        Lack of Time: Many people feel they are too busy with work, family, and other obligations to devote time to financial planning. This is especially true for those who are struggling to balance multiple jobs or family responsibilities.


        Inertia: Once in the habit of not managing finances, it can be hard to change. This inertia is often reinforced by the immediate consequences of financial disorganization not being apparent until a problem arises.

        Optimism Bias: Some individuals believe that their financial situation will somehow work itself out in the future, relying on overly optimistic expectations rather than taking concrete steps to secure their financial well-being.

        Our research shows that addressing these barriers requires a combination of education, accessible resources, and sometimes a shift in mindset to recognize the long-term benefits of financial organization. That is what our strategies are customised to do, depending on what is affecting you personally. Contact us on 1800 672 670 to get help NOW.