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Accountant or Small Business bookkeeping help?  

Whether via your individual returns. Or for your small business bookkeeping and tax issues? We Could Put Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Back In Your Pocket. Because we spend more time on your financials. Call Darren on 0425 766 964.


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About your tax preparation?

Tax Accountants, Bookkeepers & Virtual CFOs have to be trust worthy. They have to do things to make you feel you are in the best hands. Does your current accountant make you feel that way?

Got What It Takes?

Helping people double & triple their wealth since 2002 – we are seeing what younger & negligent accountants do instead i.e. yours is rushing & probably incompetent. Besides, most of us charge the same for tax or bookkeeping packages.

Are Bookkeepers Really Pros?

Is your accountant cutting corners? Our new clients always reveal that many accountants treat everyone (Big Or Small) unprofessionally. For all the hours you put in, you deserve better small business bookkeeping services, tax or virtual CFO’s .

What we Do

Individual & Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Individual & Business Bookkeeping Services 

Who loves waiting forever for their accountant to get back to them? When a phone call only takes 5 minutes. Get better service now.

Need A Business Loan & Support?

Get a better business case & better representation when taking on the lenders. If your accountant or bookkeeper can’t even return your call, he/she is not going to care about this either.

Small Business Bookkeeping against Audits?

Want to work with accountants that know all the ATO’s favourite audit spots? That is important. E.g. If your small business bookkeeper is not highlighting these risks in your BAS, you have to make the switch now.

If you suspect they are not taking you seriously:

Reasons To Switch Accountants?

Do they actually advise YOU?

Or does your accountant or bookkeeper just ask a few basic questions (really, just to cover his own behind) and file your  tax – the way a sixteen year old with basic math skills could!

Do they even know any better?

Regular folks are building millions in assets – when your Virtual CFO’s look at your numbers, do they even know if you could do the same? Have the bookkeepers even said anything?

Do the really try to look after you?

As if it were their own accounts. i.e.  do they look close enough to allow you to do the same as them – and build a better financial future for you and your family?

Basically … Do they actually care? 

They may be skilled. They may be helping others. But, do you feel you are just another transaction to them? I.e. do they talk a lot .. then, actually do nothing for you?

“In very little time, Darren was able to provide me with advice tailored to my business.”

Adrian Willenberg

“His advice is fresh and rather unusual and I continue to incorporate it in my day to day life and business.

I have not seen anything like his material before and I will keenly follow his ongoing guidance.”

Paul Graham

“Our first ROI was about 300% & we are working on improving that. Very excited about where everything is headed. Making money.”

Michael Stibbard

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Want to pay less individual taxes or small business bookkeeping? Find out whether you are actually sitting on hidden pot of gold.



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