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When Time  is of the essence

Time is of the essence. Responsiveness is extremely prized. Other than that, most accountants are created equal. Located in Sydenham, My Tax Guy caters for the local folks. Focused on individual and business returns, most accountants only focus on business customers. We don’t. We do both and we do them well. Our staff have been accountants for up to 32+ years & every client speak with the owner of the practice directly – which is again very unusual.

We don’t use junior accountants, bookkeepers or graduates so you get better refunds

Your individual return will not be forwarded to a graduate or junior accountant, like you would at H&R Block and others like them in Watergardens. We don’t get distracted by a bunch of other things like lending and financial planning and so on. Because of that, we are experts at finding you crafty and legal deductions, maximizing the amount of money you get back from the ATO.

Only focused on Tax – unlike our competitors in Sydenham

Most of the other local accountants in Sydenham want to be everything to everyone and therefore their level of customer service suffers. Their knowledge can be behind as well as they lack the focus to assist their main customers i.e. tax clients. There is simply not enough time to attend all the updates from the ATO and ensure everyone is trained accordingly. Furthermore, our business services are run separately.

  • More cost effective – so you pay less

    Also, some of them have large offices & you never get to even meet the owner of the practice. It is not personal at all and it is difficult for the accountant to actually care for the client. Not to mention, a large office carries overheads that are then passed on to you. This makes your tax return unnecessarily expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way at all.

  • Close to 100% retention with tax clients in Sydenham

    Over the years, we have made an effort to only service local clients. Others have expanded to cover most of West Melbourne. We have not. We are only here & have remained small for that reason. That is why we are able to service our clients like no other. You can see dozens of 5 star reviews across Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

  • Confidence in our abilities.

    At the time of writing this, we have well over 100 positive reviews online. All this has led to us having an almost 100% retention. Since we started, only two clients have left us. Both were trying to do the wrong thing and we terminated our arrangements.

  • More proactive tax planning – so you get more tax benefits long term too

    Most accountants only offer a tax filing service. That means, they ask a few questions & get you a few deductions, that you could probably Google yourself. Most accountants don’t actually like at the big picture and suggest ways to save up fortunes in the next few years.

  • Build wealth faster using your tax return or bookkeeper

    Many accountants don’t spend the time to analyse your personal circumstances to actually offer tailored advice. With the right tax structure, regular people could be saving so much in the next few years. If only their accountant would mention these things to them. Well, we do.



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    Tax Accountant Sydenham

    • Our founder, Darren Veerapa, became an accountant, because his accountant was like yours & never mentioned really good tax planning structures. So he lost a lot of money over the years, until he became an accountant himself, decades ago. Now his mission in life is to ensure that no one else misses out, ever.
    • If you are looking for a tax agent in Sydenham itself, please contact us on 0425 766 964.


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