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Our Small Business Bookkeeping Services  

Are You Concerned You Are Not Meeting Your Compliance Requirements? Or Are You Just Tired Of Doing Your Own Bookkeeping?  Call Us On 1800 672 670.


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Watch this video to find out more about our Small Business Bookkeeping Services and how they can be customised to suit your business requirements. You will also see all the information you need about our bookkeeping packages.

What We Do?

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Our Small Business Bookkeeping Services keep your business in the game, financially. We allocate all your expenses, invoicing and any other bookkeeping services you require.

How We Do it


Our services are bespoke. All businesses are different have different bookkeeping requirements. We understand that and have custom bookkeeping packages built accordingly.

Bookkeeping Packages


Starting as low as $60/week for micro-businesses, our bookkeeping services are transparent in costing. If numbers are not your strength, you need this transparency.

What We Offer

Business Accounting Services

Business Services 

Who loves waiting forever for their bookkeeper to get back to them? When a phone call only takes 5 minutes. Get better service now.


We take care of all your invoicing, getting you paid & calling up clients if we need to, to get you paid faster. Then, of course, we allocate the payments properly all the way through to do the BAS for you.

Accounts Payable

We take good care of your suppliers, whilst managing your cash flow, ensuring you don’t run out of cash. This is a bit different from other small business bookkeeping services. We are a bit more proactive than most, going as far as forecasting cash flows so that you know what lies ahead.

Other tasks & Deadlines 

We do a variety of other tasks for your business. There is a list further down. However, everything (including management reporting, financial statements and annual reviews) is done on time and within deadlines – thanks to a process we have refined over more than 20 years.

Accounting software or spreadsheets?

No matter what you are using to keep financial records, (Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, SAP, Reckon etc) we have someone experienced in that one, that can help real quick & make your problems vaporise.

If you suspect they are not taking you seriously:

Reasons To Switch Bookkeepers?

Do they actually advise YOU?

Or does your bookkeeper just ask a few basic questions (really, just to cover his own behind) and do data entry – the way a sixteen year old with basic math skills could!

Do they even know any better?

Regular folks are building multi-million dollar businesses with the right advice – when they look at your numbers, do they even know if you could do the same? Have they even said anything?

Do they really try to look after you?

As if it were their own accounts. i.e.  do they look close enough to allow you to do the same as them – and build a better financial future for you and your family – basically what anyone wants?

Basically … Do they actually care? 

They may be skilled. They may be helping their bigger customers at your expense. But, do you feel you are just another transaction to them? Do they talk a lot .. then, actually do nothing for you?

Or has the business simply grown a little too big?

If you, the owner, have been working on sales, marketing, product delivery & are trying to your own bookkeeping – that can get too much some times

It’s time to get a bookkeeper

If you feel your financial records are not being done the right way, then it is likely time to get an expert in & sort out all the loose ends. Contact us & let’s get all your compliance tidied up. 

“In very little time, Darren was able to provide me with advice tailored to my business.”

Adrian Willenberg

“Our first ROI was about 300% & we are working on improving that. Very excited about where everything is headed. Making money.”

Michael Stibbard

“His advice is fresh and rather unusual and I continue to incorporate it in my day to day life and business.

I have not seen anything like his material before and I will keenly follow his ongoing guidance.”

Paul Graham

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Additional Services we provide:

-Coding of expenses and income during the bank reconciliations 

-Any adjustments and journals that need to be created and posted

-Useful Management reporting that allows for fast decision making

-No more reacting to financial spot fires thanks to our help forecasting your expenses

-All your payroll and superannuation requirements.

-Get you profit and losses, balance sheets and cash flows, when you need it i.e. before the ATO gets them.

-Useful tax planning (not just ” how to save $50″ but how to actually build wealth

-Annual Financial Statements on time (if you need to access loans or government funding on time)

-If you are not happy with your unresponsive tax accountant, we can offer you our in-house one, giving you priority on requests and tax returns.

-Software set up, trouble shooting and support.

-Access via email or a phone call away, 7 days a week.


Why Small Businesses Choose Us For Their Bookkeeping Requirements



We are Melbourne-based (Australia Based).


All the work is done right here, in Melbourne. 90 percent are now on Zoom & many interstate to avoid disruptions because of COVID-19 lockdowns. However, throughout the pandemic, we cruised right through because we were always here. Our staff therefore have local and national experience, having developed their skills over many decades in the Australian landscape.



The simplest pricing nation-wide


Our bookkeeping packages are really easy to understand, with no hidden fees, like many others out there. It is simply $60/hour. Some businesses require one hour per month. Others one hour per week. Others 5 or more hours per week. It is all done at $60/hour. It doesn’t get simpler than that.



End to end solutions


Whether you need help to simply do data entry, or to code your transactions, we have people that can help you today itself. If you need more advanced help with adjustments, reconciliations and journals, again, you can count on us. All the way, till you submit your tax return, we can advise you on all matters, whether it is bookkeeping or taxation i.e. end to end solutions.



Our undying support


We are here 7 days/week. Emails are promptly answered, phone calls are never turned away. We pride ourselves on having the most open hours in the country. Queries are triaged so if you have an emergency, count us in – we’ll be your wing-men!



Ultra-Customised to your needs


Our appointment starts with us getting to know your business quickly. The service is then designed to benefit you the most, so that you feel empowered and not distanced from your own financials. Once we know your goals, we help you align everything in your business to hit them and go beyond. This is done on a case by case basis, so the entire process is customised to any of our Small Business Bookkeeping Services you need.



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