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Yes, we are talking about your bum.

Bum-covering, to be more precise.

It’s no coincidence it’s called “Asset” protection.

J-Lo didn’t think it was funny at all. All jokes aside, we should..


 Secure Your Financial Well-being:


Let’s look at  4 Strategies for this sort of protection


Before you reach out to your phone and call Gatto, there are a few other things you can do.


Safeguarding your personal assets holds equal significance to their acquisition. Without adequate protection, your diligent efforts can swiftly unravel.


It is crucial to proactively establish financial protection measures and implement these strategies preemptively. Doing so can effectively shield your hard-earned assets from potential claims by:

  1. Creditors
  2. Partners in case of a future relationship breakdown
  3. Individuals seeking to contest your estate after your passing

A multitude of financial protection avenues exist. Collaborating with a trusted advisor is advisable to customize these strategies according to your unique circumstances and ensure their legal effectiveness. At Wilson Pateras, we endorse the following methods for safeguarding your assets:


 1.Establishing a Family Trust


Creating a family trust is a widely adopted method for financial protection, benefiting both you and your loved ones. In the event of a worst-case scenario, such as personal bankruptcy resulting from business setbacks, a family trust can serve as a potent shield against the seizure of family assets by bankruptcy trustees. Beyond asset protection, a family trust also offers tax advantages by channeling income to family members with lower tax liabilities, thus optimizing tax efficiency.

Generally, it is advisable to avoid appointing individuals as trustees of discretionary trusts, especially when the trust carries liabilities or intends to provide guarantees to financial institutions. The rationale behind this recommendation is that when legal action is taken against the trust, the trustee may become personally liable. While trustees typically have the right to seek indemnity in most situations (permitting them to utilize the trust’s assets to settle claims), if the claim surpasses the value of the trust’s assets, the personal assets of the individual trustee could be at risk—a highly undesirable outcome.


If the trust is devoid of debt or operates as a trading business, it may be prudent for the spouse with a higher level of personal risk (typically possessing limited assets in their name) to serve as the director. In this scenario, it is advisable to hold the shares in the name of the spouse with lower personal risk.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that even in the context of a family trust, there exists the possibility of legal challenges in a bankruptcy scenario. For instance, if a bankruptcy trustee deems a particular transaction as avoidable, it could still pose a threat to the trust’s assets. To ensure that you establish a family trust correctly and that it aligns with your specific financial protection needs, it is imperative to seek professional advice, including legal counsel.



 2. Arrange Asset Ownership In Favor Of The Lower-Risk Spouse



It is advisable to arrange asset ownership in a manner that favors the lower-risk spouse or an entity that remains outside the control of the higher-risk spouse. When executed correctly, this strategy can introduce hurdles for a bankruptcy trustee or liquidator attempting to gain control over these assets. For instance, in the case of acquiring a family residence or investment property, structuring the purchase in a way that designates the lower-risk spouse as the borrower may complicate efforts by a bankruptcy trustee to assume control over the property.



3. Establishing a Company

When managing a business, opting for a company structure can offer enhanced asset protection compared to sole proprietorship or partnership arrangements. A company is recognized as a distinct legal entity separate from its directors and shareholders. While companies are still accountable for legal actions and the settlement of debts, the personal assets of their directors and owners are typically shielded from creditor claims, thanks to the legal concept known as the “corporate veil.” It is advisable to seek professional advice to assess whether this approach can effectively safeguard your assets.


Furthermore, establishing a company can offer potential tax advantages, especially for individuals in high marginal tax brackets. However, it’s crucial to conduct a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that these tax benefits outweigh the expenses associated with company setup and maintenance.

Just like with the establishment of a family trust, it is imperative to consult with professionals when undertaking the process of setting up a company. In Australia, there are specific legal prerequisites for company formation and registration, along with ongoing legal compliance obligations that must be met to ensure the company’s proper functioning.




Having the right insurance coverage in place is a

fundamental aspect of asset protection.



This coverage extends to safeguarding against outstanding debts on your assets. Only crazy people don’t want to ensure the protection of your future income. Some effective ways to fortify your financial security and that of your family through comprehensive insurance include:

  • Income protection insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Total and permanent disablement insurance
  • Trauma insurance

These forms of insurance serve as essential safety nets to shield you and your loved ones from unforeseen financial challenges. But be careful to not overdo it. Things can get ridiculous down this rabbit hole – sending your insurance broker laughing like a maniac to the bank!

Additionally, it’s essential to conduct periodic reviews of your insurance coverage to ensure it remains tailored to your evolving needs. As your circumstances inevitably shift over time, your insurance should adapt accordingly.

In summary, asset protection stands as a vital component of comprehensive financial planning. Regrettably, it often gets overlooked in favor of asset acquisition. At Wilson Pateras, we are dedicated to assisting you in formulating and executing a range of strategies for robust financial protection, offering you complete peace of mind.


Our seasoned financial advisors dedicate themselves to comprehensively grasping your unique situation and financial aspirations, ensuring that the advice we offer is finely tuned to your needs. Furthermore, we have the capability to collaborate closely with your legal advisors to guarantee the legal effectiveness of any asset protection strategy.

Feel free to reach out to us today for an obligation-free consultation to delve into your financial requirements. Beyond asset protection, we can also provide valuable assistance with retirement planning, self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), and a host of other financial matters.



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