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Business Tax Deductions

Taxation keeping business owners awake     All business owners look forward to this – you have guessed it.. coffee with their taxation guy, of course.   This is also part of the reason why many of you walk around looking like pandas. Dark circles around...

The SMSF and Asset Protection

The ATO's concern   The ATO has a few concerns in this area – and it is important to be equally concerned – if these guys are getting their nose out of joint for something.   Me and advising on SMSF's?   I am not sure I can even advise on much of this....

Taxation of Hybrid Trusts

  Introduction to Hybrid Trusts        Hybrid trusts are among a small group of not-so well-known tax structures out there. Some people don’t know about them. Others don’t like them. For whatever the reason may be, these structures don’t come up a lot....

Let’s Protect Your Personal Assets

Let’s Protect Your Personal Assets

    Yes, we are talking about your bum. Bum-covering, to be more precise. It’s no coincidence it’s called “Asset” protection. J-Lo didn’t think it was funny at all. All jokes aside, we should..    Secure Your Financial Well-being:   Let’s look at...

Business structures are taxed differently – Australia.

Sole proprietors and corporations share comparable tax and reporting responsibilities, yet it's crucial to understand their distinct features. In the table provided below, we outline both the disparities and commonalities between them. We also briefly look at trusts....

Tax on Businesses – Corporate structures in Australia.

What we know is     Unsurprisingly, in an increasingly global economy, investors and business alike want to know what’s the deal when it comes to business tax in Australia.   Business tax deductions vary     Companies that do not qualify as a...

A Comprehensive Guide to Rental Property Expenses in Australia

A Comprehensive Guide to Rental Property Expenses in Australia

As property owners in Australia, understanding the expenses associated with rental properties is crucial. These expenses can have a significant impact on your finances and taxes. In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of rental property expenses, so you...

How are unit trusts taxed?

If you are getting into property (and you are worried about tax deductions and property tax), you will want to know about this in detail. You will have many other valid reasons to do so, below – but also, please know that a large proportion of people who get serious...

Additional REsources

A Few Other Resources We’ve Created for Our Customers

5 Ways To Nail Land Tax

5 Ways To Nail Land Tax

Land Tax is going to hurt unless..   Land tax has people screaming murder. For good reason too. It’s pricey. A kick in the guts can’t feel good, right? Painful if not done right. Even you are all SMSF'ed up, with more tax planning than Packer? You never know....

Tax Things To Know When Selling A Business.

Tax Things To Know When Selling A Business.

Tax things to know when selling a business.     This is a very confusing and stressful time for both buyers and sellers of a business. No two buts about it. Add tax complications and you’ll think you are in a Zombie movie, with sleepless buyers and sellers...

Accountant Tax Advice On Cars And Deductions

Accountant Tax Advice On Cars And Deductions

  Tax deductions and general advice on cars   Batman once said, “Chicks dig the car”. For some reason, the ATO doesn’t though. But people are always trying to get something for their cars, in terms of deductions. Well, every year the ATO gives less and less....

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