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The tax stuff the rich use & you can too.


Like Putin, is your accountant the villain here? Threatening to nuke your future and that of your loved ones too?


For the typical Aussie, tax bills are the undisputed heavyweight champions. Forget groceries and petrol prices. Tax is killing everyone, tens of thousands of dollars of your hard labour, just gone.



The old game plan? Just work harder and make more dough. Brilliant, right? Except, plot twist: the government comes and grabs even more of your hard-earned cash.




You use this perfectly legal tax strategy.


One of clients is now going to be able to buy 3 properties thanks to this.


It’s called timing your super contributions (instead of just contributing blindly.. or buy the random property investment or shares)


As you can probably guess, any time you plan something ahead and put some thought into it, financially, things work out better.


Yes, when it comes to money, it doesn’t pay to listen to “that guy I met at the pub” or your friends as you know.


The trick is simply that rich people plan ahead, a bit differently. Using timing more effectively when they want their deductions & reducing taxes when it actually matters.


Most people will simply contribute to their super where and when they can – without a spreadsheet or a forecast. They won’t use the right structure either.


You see, depending on when and how you contribute to your super – that can make a huge difference. In the case of our client, after we built the spreadsheet, the difference was 2 more properties than he expected. FOR THE SAME OUTLAY!


First of all, why does the government reward super contributions so lavishly? That’s because they need your money as they don’t want to pay for your pension – in a rapidly ageing economy.


Secondly, depending on what structure and timing you use, you unlock a range of tax deductions – that most are not even aware exist.


Just getting the right advice on super contributions is powerful enough to own multiple properties. Instead of just one measly property investment. And you acquire other investments as well.


The structures you require are not that expensive either. Compared to the hundreds of thousands in tax dollars that are saved.


All of this is on top of the advantages you are already aware of:


-Reduced tax rate of 15%

-Deductions when contributing

-No Capital Gains Tax under conditions that many are unaware of

-Compounded growth

-Insurance benefits

-Government co-contributions in some cases

-Financial security as funds are protected against creditors

-Investment flexibility as these funds are surprisingly flexible


Instead most are earning more only to pay more? Welcome to the Tax Trap — that rich people know how to not fall for that.


In fact, many don’t.


Want to see how many properties the tax system can help you own?


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